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Croeso i Sawna Bach
Welcome to the Scenic Sauna.

A wood-fired beach sauna with idyllic views of Anglesey.

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Take time to slow down and breathe.

This is your invitation to visit our wood fired beach sauna with the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you. You will find us at Porth Tyn Tywyn, which is one of the best beaches on Anglesey (some argue it is one of the best beaches in North Wales). So why not come and relax whilst connecting with nature and yourself!


You can book a private session with us or join a communal session with other members of the public. The sauna fits up to 8 people comfortably, but we limit the number of people to 6 in our communal sessions to give everybody more space. You can choose a 50min or 80min slot including the time for changing. If you are a true sauna aficionado, you are welcome to book consecutive sessions and make it a day out! Feel free to get in touch for longer bespoke sessions or if you would like to hire the sauna privately. 

What you can expect

Whether you are planning a full day out in North Wales or just looking for some things to do while exploring the best beaches in Anglesey, you will not be disappointed by our sauna. The best thing is that your sauna experience is not weather dependent unlike many other activities in North Wales. We think that enjoying  a sauna is one of the best things to do when it’s wet and windy!! You still spend time outside in nature, and most importantly you are nurturing and connecting with yourself.

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Before your visit

We have 50min and 80min sessions available including time for changing. Please contact us directly should you wish to book a bespoke experience.  You can either join a communal session with others or book a private session to bring your friends, family or partner. Choose what suits you best and book your spot in advance to avoid disappointment. We might have some spots available on the day, so just give us a call and we will try to book you in.
Please read our FAQs and make sure to discuss any health concerns with your doctor. We will ask you to agree to have read and understood our waiver form ahead of your session. 

We advise you to bring minimal personal belongings as the changing area is small and not private. There will be a member of staff at the sauna, but please be aware that we assume no liability for any lost items. This is what you’ll need:

  • Swimwear

  • Drinking water to keep hydrated

  • Towel to sit on in the sauna (if you wish, you can bring an additional towel to dry up after dips into the sea between sauna sessions)

  • Changing robe and sea shoes (optional)


We also advise to bring warm clothes for changing into after the sauna session, especially when you visit us during autumn and winter.

We recommend having a light snack before the sauna session. Using the sauna on a completely empty or full stomach is generally not recommended. The most important thing is to stay hydrated and to have water ready for after the session. Make sure to arrive on time to your session and to check the directions beforehand.

Once you have arrived

Please make your way to our sauna trailer a maximum of 5 minutes before the start of your session. We always leave some time in between sessions for cleaning and getting the sauna ready for you. If you arrive earlier than that, feel free to enjoy the surroundings, go for a little stroll or even go for a dip in the ocean if conditions allow. We will ask to see your booking confirmation (on your phone is fine) or need a form of ID to find you on our system.

We have a small changing area available, where you can change and leave your belongings - it is not a private changing room, it only provides shelter from the elements. There are public toilets at the beach during the summer , and no warm showers available. We have access to cold drinking water and a cold shower, so that you can rinse off the saltwater and refill your bottles.

Your sauna experience

Are you ready for your little Spa break? Our wood fired sauna will already be hot and ready for you. There are two levels to sit on - it will be hottest the higher up and the closer to the stove you are sitting, so choose wisely. You’ll be wearing your swimwear and be sitting on a towel that you brought. A traditional sauna experience includes several rounds of firstly warming up in the sauna and secondly cooling down, resting and  hydrating. You should only stay in the sauna for as long as it feels comfortable for you, but we would recommend not staying longer than 15min each round. It can be as little as 3-5min if this feels right for you - you are here to relax, this is not a competition :-) Take it easy and enjoy! You can cool down by resting in the changing room, going outside to breathe some fresh air, sit down on one of our benches outside or even by taking a dip into cold water. Again, find what feels right for you on the day and take it slow. When immersing yourself into cold water or using the hose, please go slowly and give your body time to adjust. We recommend immersing or rinsing the legs at first and pouring water over your arms and shoulders before going for the full dip or rinse. Going directly from warm to cold can be dangerous, especially for those with heart disease, prone to dangerous heart rhythms or at risk for a heart attack.

We have prepared some sample schedules for the 50min and 80min sauna slots in the FAQ section.

After your sauna session, you can rinse yourself with cold water. Make sure to wrap yourself in warm clothes especially in autumn and winter and have plenty of water after your sauna experience.

Get in touch!

Thank you for getting in touch!!

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