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Gift our sauna experience to someone special. We offer digital gift cards that are e-mailed on your chosen date.

Digital Gift Card

About the Gift Card

You can buy our digital Sawna Bach Gift Card here. Choose an amount you would like to gift and write a personalised message. You can choose whether the gift card is delivered to you or to the recipient directly. It will be e-mailed to the recipient on the day you select.

Please note: the delivery time on the day you choose will be the time that you made the gift card purchase. This means, if you buy a gift card at 8pm, it will be delivered at 8pm on your chosen day. Gift vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. You or the recipient will receive an email with a unique code that can be used during checkout.

How to make it your own

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer physical paper gift cards at the moment, but we put together some instructions and files that can help you to make your own.

  1. Buy a Gift Card for the amount you desire below and have it delivered to you! (Either select "buy for myself" or put your own e-mail address in the recipient field)

  2. Download the folder "DIY Gift Card Bundle" below, which contains photos and two gift cards (in A4) to print out.

  3. Unzip the folder. Print out the photos and/or gift card. If you would like a smaller gift card, you can select "print 2 pages per sheet" in the layout options of your printer. Cut them to size if needed.

  4. Write the unique code and your personalised message on the card.

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